Phronesis: wisdom in determining ends and the means of attaining them.

Or in other words, a practical wisdom.

Karen McNeill

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I may have worked in various health and social care improvement related roles over the last 25 years but I have only become familiar with 'phronesis' in the last year and it has resonated with me like no other.

Phronesis is what we need to enable, encourage and nurture if we are truly going to change the current way 'the system' works in order to best help support our citizens and communities.

More recently I have been helping multiple organisations and teams develop, implement and iterate a learning approach- or as someone referred to me as a 'Human Learning Systems Practitioner'. I love this work as it is phronesis in action.

I have had a career spanning over 25 yrs in service improvement, change management, service evaluation, starting up OSCR-registered community organisations, fundraising- we just don't talk about my history of developing & implementing national monitoring frameworks or KPIs!

I am a learning partner that works alongside you to enable you to unpick the messiness into an emergent vision of something practical and tangible.

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What I do:

I hope this is a balance which honestly reflects what I do and some of the common terms (jargon!) used to describe it.

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I love getting in the swamp with teams to make sense of the messiness and help make practical differences to ways of working.

Collaborating to produce learning, mobilise learning, hold spaces for multidisciplinary collective learning and sensemaking to increase likelihood that learning is used to change systems.

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Bespoke practical support for building of capability, confidence & competence of teams to independently implement a learning approach, as detailed within Human Learning Systems .

Practical support the design and implementation of human centred experiments across multiple organisations using learning cycles at person, team, organisation, place and national scales.

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Practically support the codesign and implementation of measurement frameworks to 'measure what matters'.

Advise and support implemention of different commissioning models which prioritise learning & use learning to iterate models of human centred care.

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